Rabbit is my friend,family and myself.

<出会い> Encounter with Rabbit


The encounter between me and the rabbit was inevitable.
Ever since I was in elementary school, the black rabbit I've had has never left my mind.
At some point, me and the rabbit became a symbiotic relationship.

In my daily life, I embodied the outbursts of emotions that I suppressed in the fable series of rabbits.
On the other hand, I put my happy and fun time into blue-eared Pipa and hooded rabbits.
For me, the rabbit has become a spokesperson for 'duality'.

What I felt after living with rabbits, 
and entrusting my own thoughts to rabbits when creating works,
 is my peace of mind and the starting point of my work.
For me, my paintings have been my emotional support and have always been my ally.

I think it was the black rabbit I had in my childhood that filled the void in my heart.

作品を描く時も、現実のうさぎではなく、頭の中にいるうさぎとの対話によって、制作過程は進められている。制作中、私は作品の中( 世界) で生きている。その行程は昔から今も変わることはないだろう。


Whether I was able to communicate with the rabbit is just a selfish imagination,
 but it was certainly an important existence that existed there.
Inevitably, I think that nature and heart became dependent on rabbits.
I believe that in the process, a rabbit spokesperson was born in my heart.

Currently, when I draw a art work, instead of a real rabbit,
The production process is advanced through dialogue with the rabbit in my head.
During production, I live in the (world) of the work. The process has not changed since ancient times.
The rabbit in the picture is expressed by multiplying my feelings and thoughts.
It is an important theme in creating my works.

<生い立ち> Background


From my childhood, I grew up watching anime and manga, 
and I was in an environment where I could see many types of record designs on a daily basis.

The reason why I currently use flat and monotonous color planes is because I am strongly influenced by them.
It must have been inevitable that I was fascinated by the design composition and color planes of modern Japanese paintings such as Ukiyo-e and Rinpa.
Choju Giga(鳥獣戯画, literally "Animal Caricatures"drawn in 12th century in Japan), which is said to be the origin of manga, may have something to do with the fact that there is a rabbit in it.

<最近> Recent

これはSNS での出来事であったが、私にとってその言葉はとても気持ちを晴れやかにした。

During the period when the atmosphere was dark due to the corona crisis, 
many people saw my rabbits and said they were cute, liked them, and made them feel at ease.
This was an event on SNS, but the words made me feel very radiant.

I want many people to feel positive emotions, have a happy time, and feel happy day by day.
It was around this time that I started creating small items that are easy to pick up and small items that you can feel lovely and soothing in your daily life.
I want to sow the healing of rabbits to as many people as possible, 
like sowing flower seeds. And I don't care if it's a gap in people's hearts,
I want to be an opportunity to bloom.